Club de Mar

In 2017 the Club Nàutic Vilanova and the Club de Mar Vilanova signed a collaboration agreement designed to promote, carry out and collaborate in different scheduled sport activities. The purpose of the agreement is to favour and complement the different sports agendas of each entity in order to widen the offer for their respective members. In this sense, the proposals and actions of common interest will be coordinated. With this agreement the Club Nàutic Vilanova broadens its range of nautical activities, specifically those which use the little catamaran, the paddle surf or windsurf boards. Thus, the Club de Mar benefits from the spaces within the Club Nàutic Vilanova and widens, with such agreement, the range of cruise and sailing school activities.

With this agreement the Club de Mar Vilanova transfers part of the space that currently occupies on the beach to the Club Nàutic Vilanova for the development of the activities that are included in the Sailing School, Casal de Mar and Campus Nàutic programs, all of them under the guidelines of the Catalan Sailing School and the Catalan Sailing Federation. At the same time, the Club Nàutic Vilanova will give up a space in accordance with the regulations of current uses established by Ports de la Generalitat.

The following social and sports activities are possible thanks to the agreement with the Club de Mar:

Dinghy regattas. The regattas calendar promoted by the Club de Mar will be open to the members of the two clubs who have mono-hull sailboats with a centreboard, or multi-hull sailboats like skateboards, windsurf boards or others. The Open class sportboats regattas organised by the Club Nàutic Vilanova that are not included in the calendar of each class of the Catalan Sailing Federation, will be open to the Club de Mar members.

Sailing courses. The Club de Mar and the Club Nàutic Vilanova will give continuity to the sailing training program for members, relatives and friends of both clubs. The course will have the objective of obtaining the necessary knowledge to handle a sportsboat autonomously and safely. The program of the course will conform to these criteria.

Cruises: The Club de Mar members will have access to the J/80 fleet rental under the same conditions as the members of the Club Nàutic Vilanova.

Diving: The Club Nàutic Vilanova has a Nautical School and a Diving School. The members of the Club de Mar are granted access to their activities at the same prices as the members of the Club Nàutic.

Social Activities. A calendar of social activities will be established by both clubs. These activities will be open to the members of both clubs.