Car Park

The club car park is located at the club entrance, next to the restaurant and the docks. The esplanade has a booth called “Estació de França” which can be used as a toilet and dressing room by all the club members. The “Estació de França” is also a meeting place for the fishing and diving trips.

The car park is only for the club members and the participants in the different competitions organised by the club.

CAR PARK FEES (Prices with VAT included):

• Annual member fee 145.20 €

• Monthly member fee 22.00 €

• Annual Sports Fee 145.20 €

• Non Membership Fees:

            Annual € 290.40

            Companies fee € 423.00

             Hour: 2,78 € 

The car park has four charging stations for electric vehicles. The charge for members is 0.2 euros kWh and for passers-by 0.4 euros.


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