The Vela Inclusiva project is an initiative of the Secretaria General de l’Esport and the Federació Catalana de Vela (Catalan Sailing Federation), within the Action Plan for the promotion of the physical activity and inclusive sport. The objectives of the plan are to improve the access to the practice of physical activity and sport to people with disabilities, redefine the resources and services from the perspective of the users and their needs and increase the autonomy of the people; as well as establish the optimization criteria and the coordination of the existing resources and the cooperation between public organizations and private entities,  monitor the compliance of the legislation and the adaptation between the current regulations and the general objectives of this plan.

The Vela Inclusiva project, promoted by the Federació Catalana de Vela and the Secretaría de l’Esport, is becoming a reality along the Catalan coast, with a total of 10 sailing schools with adapted facilities and sailing activities for each group. It is therefore an initiative of social responsibility that works from an integrative perspective to normalise everybody’s access to the sailing sports in order to guarantee equal opportunities.

The Club Nàutic Vilanova through the Catalan Sports Federation for people with intellectual disabilities (ACELL) and Special Olympics Catalunya has included in its fleet the team “Together in Action”, which competes on behalf of the club in different competitions.